RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – If you are en entrepreneur in the southeast who is seeking capital, “Capital Connections” could help you end your search.

The quarterly event is designed to bring together entrepreneurs and investors in a networking environment – and it has some big supporters.

“We are behind this event 100 percent,” said Jason Caplain, a general partner at Southern Capitol Ventures in a note promoting Capital Connections. “It is one of the best events for entrepreneurs and VCs in the southeast.”

Capital Connections is the brainchild of a group called, which is based in Atlanta. The next event is set for Aug. 29 in Atlanta.

The group believes its event helps entrepreneurs and investors get to know each other “without gatekeepers.”

Scott Burkett, an entrepreneur who helped launch StartupLounge, said he expects as many as 300 people at the upcoming event.

“We launched our non-profit efforts at to help tear down the artificial walls that are holding Georgia and the southeast back as a player on the national venture stage,” Burkett said in a statement promoting Capital Connections. “And we’re doing it without charging fees, which is one of the many things we need to do differently as a community if the Southeast is to become on par with certain other markets.”

While the event is based in Georgia, entrepreneurs and investors from across the region are welcome to attend. is targeting what it calls “fast-growth entrepreneurs” and “active investors.”

“One of the really great things about this event is that it is already de-bunking the myths that there’s not a lot of innovation or deal flow within the Southeast, and that there is no capital available to entrepreneurs here” added Michael Blake of Adams Capital, a co-founder of StartupLounge. “Local and out-of-state capital sources have quickly signaled their intent to attend our event and their enthusiasm for doing so.”

To apply for an invitation to attend, see the Web link with this column.