The founder and chief executive officer of a Massachusetts-based software firm is the winner in an application development contest put on by StrikeIron.

StrikeIron, a provider of Web services and a marketplace for Web services, picked Renat Khasanshyn as the winner. He developed a means of using a short message service (SMS) application from StrikeIron. The application links customers and prospects through software.

The mashup contest took place at Mashup Camp 4 in California from July 18-19.

A mashup refers to applications that bring together Web data, enterprise applications and Web services.

"The idea for the ‘ SMS Mashup using StrikeIron SMS Web Service’ wasn’t theoretical,” Khasanshyn said. “It came from a project Apatar did for users. At times an SMS message to a customer or prospect makes perfect sense, especially for automated notifications and alerts. The ability to send a one-time SMS message to a record gives users a new invaluable channel of communication.”

Apatar develops open source software solutions for data integration.