Backed by the U.S. Army, Cyberlux has won approval from the U.S. Army Materiel Command to offer its portable lighting system known as BrightEye.

The product offers lighting with either standard illumination or in a covert fashion for use with night vision systems.

The addition of BrightEye to the procurement and logistic system means it can be purchased by Army, Army Aviation and National Guard supply chains.

According to Cyberlux, the Army endorsement came after a recent field demonstration of the system. BrightEye was deployed in covert mode for use by a Blackhawk helicopter crew operating with night vision goggles.

“The flight crew reported that the landing zone was well illuminated by a single BrightEye Unit and that the Unit created a 90 degree field of view which greatly aided the flight crew in locating the landing zone and improved their capability during the actual helicopter landing,” Cyberlux said in a statement.

Cyberlux has sold some BrightEyes to the U.S. Air Force.

"With the Blackhawk landing zone lighting performance, the BrightEye System again proves to be a best-in-class, flexible, field-ready covert and visible lighting systems capable of providing general mission lighting, force protection, maintenance lighting, expeditionary base protection, disaster first responders and other rapidly deployable high-intensity lighting applications," said Mark Schmidt, president and chief operating officer for Cyberlux."

The system is battery powered.