AT&T will invest $250 million to upgrade its network in South Carolina, enabling the telecommunications giant to offer high-speed services such as Internet Protocol-based TV.

Company executives made the announcement on Wednesday less than 24 hours after disclosing plans to invest $350 million for similar improvements in North Carolina.

South Carolina’s legislature recently passed legislation that enables the awarding of video service franchises in order to provide more competition for cable providers.

North Carolina approved a similar bill last year.

Just as was the case in North Carolina, AT&T did not disclose a schedule for the network upgrades.

"We thank the General Assembly and Governor [Mark] Sanford for bringing real video competition and choice to consumers," said Gregg Morton, president of AT&T South Carolina. "We look forward to delivering the most advanced technology available in television, voice and Internet services to South Carolina. Consumers will see a new world of communications and entertainment."

AT&T offers its U-verse TV product in 23 markets.