, a provider of online digital photo processing and sharing as well as other services, is investing in an Arizona company focused on digital applications.

The investment for an amount of money that was not disclosed gives a minority stake in Digital Gallery Ventures.

As part of the deal, will be the sole printing partner for Digital gallery ventures.

" is excited about the opportunity to both acquire a minority stake in, and to be the printing partner for, Digital Gallery Ventures," said L. Douglas Keeney,’s chief executive officer.

"We have always maintained that the full potential of digital photography has yet to be realized because the industry has been slow to innovate, to do unexpected things that harness the power of the Internet and the infinite possibilities of digital media,” he added. “Digital Gallery Ventures is rewriting the rules. The applications they have in development are fabulous, and we think will be as exciting to use as the prints will be to display." stock trades over the counter under the symbol MPPC.