GigaBeam, a developer of broadband wireless technology, has moved into a new headquarters in Durham after relocating from Herndon, Va.

The company is working with partners to develop what it calls wireless local exchange carriers, or WiLECs, as alternatives to traditional phone line technology. It utilizes very high frequency radio spectrum that was authorized for use by the Federal Communications Commission in 2003. GigaBeam launched operations in 2004.

“We feel confident that our new location will provide us with ample capacity for growth as we continue to expand our customer base across the country and globally,” said Louis Slaughter, the chairman and chief executive officer of GigaBeam.

GigaBeam offers its point-to-point wireless delivery technology at multi-gigabit speeds as an alternative to conventional fiber optic networks.
Its office is located at 4021 Stirrup Creek Drive, Durham.