RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Bill Warner, a well known figure inn North Carolina’s entrepreneurial community as an executive and advisor on all things related to startups, is teaming with WRAL Local Tech Wire to launch a new feature designed focused on angel investing.

“The Angel Connection,” a weekly column addressing the “do’s” and “don’ts” in raising investment capital, launches on Monday.

Warner, with help from his partners at Paladin and Associates, has been a contributor to LTW in the past. The time has come to make this a regular feature, given that even in a booming economy entrepreneurs still face difficulties in landing critical early-stage backing, let alone venture capital.

“This column will help entrepreneurs take the mystery out of finding, approaching and dealing with angel investors,” Warner said. “It will provide down–to-earth advise that could lead entrepreneurs to their next funding opportunity.”

Warner and partner Richard Kramarik, who will also contribute to The Angel Connection, are two of the driving forces behind the Triangle Accredited Capital Forum. The group’s mission is to match startup companies with potential angel investors.

In recent weeks, Warner contributed articles to LTW discussing the top 10 secrets to approaching angels and the 10 “killer mistakes” executives make in seeking funding. “The Angel Connection” will enable Warner to expand on those key points – and many more.

Warner also will offer insight that should prove useful to angels, too.

“Potential angel investors will also learn about the process of angel investing and what they should be expecting from entrepreneurs when they bring an investment opportunity to them,” he said.

The feature is not designed as a one-way street. Readers are encouraged to participate.

“I definitely welcome feedback and suggestions for future topics,” Warner said.

Warner knows both sides of management challenges, working at startups and at established firms. He was chief executive officer of LiveWire Logic, a customer relationship management company, before launching Paladin. He also is an IBM veteran, serving as general manager for systems management software.

Watch for “The Angel Connection” starting Monday. It will be interesting reading.