BioMedomics, a biotech startup launched last year, has won a $100,000 grant from the U.S. centers for Disease Control and Prevention to boost development of its technology.

BioMedomics also has received a $25,000 loan from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

The company is developing personalized diagnostics based on gene detection. It has already developed reagent products linked to biomarkers and also has developed a biosensor system for cell assay applications.

BioMedomics won the grant due in part to the support from the Biotech Center, according to Chief Executive Officer Frank Wang.

"It’s a challenge and opportunity to develop an accurate, simple, reliable, sensitive, and high-throughput diagnostics platform that relies on a limited amount of clinical samples,” Wang said in a statement. “We are elated that the NIH has validated our scientific approach and our commercialization strategy. BioMedomics is very excited to carry out such a project and move forward our clinical diagnostics technology and business development process."