RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Get ready for a lot of hot and heavy debate over the next few years, folks.

The topic is whether a site near Butner should be the home for the proposed National Bio and Agro Defense lab.

People posted pro and con statements on our web site within moments of the news on Wednesday that Butner made the final five list.

A couple of negative ones typify the attitudes of those who will line up in opposition.

“I think I would rather have the nuclear power plant than this thing in my back yard. I mean, shouldn’t they put stuff like this out in the desert?

Or Area 51?

Or where they tested the Nukes in Utah?

Here’s another:

“Not in Granville County thank you very much. – are they crazy!!!”

Other people noted the $450M million project would create hundreds of high paying jobs.

"good grief…some of you are insane…this is fantastic news. it opens up all kinds of research opportunities for our more prominent research scientists and jobs for the locals," one reader said. "don’t worry about something happening, this building will have so many countermeasures against leaks and exposures, it might make your head spin…"

Added another: " Excellent news. A facility like this will do nothing but drive high-tech employment through the roof. And it is located close to UNC and Duke medical centers, RTP, and NCSU ag department. There is already a tremendous pool of talant to draw from.

And don’t worry about the security of the facility. There will be few places on earth that have the security of that place."

Bio terror is a constant threat, and we must be better prepared.

This center could help stop an attack that could kill millions.

Now the debate will be about where it is to be built.

The NIMBYs – not in my back yard – are already worried.

Said one: "Right in my backyard – that’s comforting. At least a break from the prisons won’t be my biggest concern anymore. :-)"

Let’s hope the debate deals with everyone’s concerns.