Toronto became the second city to sign on for a light emitting diode initiative launched by Cree, saying Wednesday that it would move to use more LEDS instead of other lighting options.

Cree launched the “LED City” program in February along with the City of Raleigh.

The Toronto Association of Business Improvement, or TABIA, said LEDS would deliver cost savings through energy efficiency and longer life spans as well as environmental benefits.

The city will use LEDs in parks, parking garages and in architectural lighting.

"Combating climate change is the issue of our time, possibly of all time and Torontonians are demanding that this city lead by example," said Toronto Mayor David Miller. "Through the use of cutting-edge, energy-efficient technologies, we can and will be a leader. We expect that by deploying LEDs throughout Toronto, including on our most famous landmark, the CN Tower, we will be accomplishing the goal of reducing energy use and costs and green- house gas emission."