MORRISVILLE, N.C. – If you are worried about identity theft and/or critical corporate information, then make sure your PC hard drives are wiped clean.

Many companies don’t, according to a new survey from PC manufacturer Lenovo.

The survey found that about a third of companies don’t take adequate measures to ensure data is erased.

"Many companies think that formatting a hard disk removes and destroys its data, when in fact this data – which can be highly confidential – can still be retrieved from these systems," Lenovo warns on its Web site.."With most operating systems, files that are deleted are not necessarily erased. In many cases, the only thing erased is the logical link to the file."

To help address that problem, Lenovo offers a “Secure Data Disposal” software program. It promises to:

• Detects all drives and partitions (including hidden partitions

• Data, programs and any possible viruses will be destroyed on the PC before a new image is loaded

• Sensitive and/or confidential information will be destroyed permanently

• Records erasure transactions and allows customer defined report fields for audits and tracking

If you buy a Lenovo laptop or desktop PC, the software can be downloaded free of charge.

For more information about the software, check out the Lenovo link with this blog.