“Ingenious,” an award-winning puzzle game for up to four players, is now available in a PC version through Merscom.

Merscom, which is based in Chapel Hill and focuses on casual game titles, is distributing Ingenious through its ShadeTree Games label. It sells for $19.99.

Ingenious was designed as a board game by Reiner Knizia, and it has received several awards while becoming a popular international seller. Knizia has published more than 300 games and books in numerous languages.

In the PC version of Ingenious, players can play against the computer, online, other individuals or in teams.

It also offers:
• Three different difficulty levels.
• Play against the clock, or online against real opponents.
• A mixture of strategy required with random luck thrown in

Awards include:
• Best Family Game 2006, Golden Geek Awards
• Top 100 Traditional Games 2005, GAMES Magazine
• Finalist, General Strategy Games 2004, International Gamers Awards

The game involves movement of chips in six different colors on a hexagonal board.

“We are very excited to be publishing Ingenious,” said Lloyd Melnick, Chief Customer Officer for Merscom. “It is one of the few games that appeals both to the traditional gamer and the casual gamer; it’s just a great game.”