Frontline Wireless, a new venture advocating creation of a wireless broadband public safety network, has added former FCC Chairman Mark Fowler to its board of directors.

Fowler is also an investor and a founding partner.

Frontline has recruited several former FCC and government officials to help lead an effort to see that some high-demand public radio spectrum is set aside for the new network.

Among companies lobbying Congress in favor of the idea is Google.

Frontline has outlined two key objectives in its plan:

• “Bring competition to a wireless market that has rapidly consolidated, reducing the number of competitors and increasing the barriers to entry.

• “Apply a market-based solution to build an advanced wireless network for public safety at no cost to taxpayers, a feat that policymakers and incumbents have not accomplished.”

“The Frontline proposal is powerful,” Fowler said in a statement. “It solves the public safety problem with a private sector solution. Using best of breed private sector capital sources, strategic partners, technologies, and executive talent, Frontline will build a state of the art national wireless network for public safety.”

Fowler led the FCC under President Reagan.

Reed Hundt, a former FCC chairman, is vice chair of Frontline. Haynes Griffin of Greensboro, the company’s CEO, founded Vanguard Cellular, which was later acquired by AT&T.