Three startups looking for investors had a chance to make pitches at the most recent meeting of the Triangle Accredited Capital Forum.

Some 100 angel investors are involved in the group.

The session led to due diligence meetings by each of the firms with interested angels.

“We had tremendous results from this meeting, including the most investors at a single meeting and the greatest interest in follow-up with each of the companies,” said Bill Warner, Chairman of the Capital Forum.

The three firms were:

• Advanced Liquid Logic, which is developing “lab-on-a-chip” technology involving miniscule amounts of liquid for rapid testing related to disease and infection.

• Dental Air, a developer of devices for the dental equipment industry, including a lubricator for dental devices

• PrepChamps, a Web platform designed to help high school athletes draw attention of college recruiters.

PrepChamps was among the winners at the Council for Entrepreneurial development’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards on Tuesday night.

“Our investor membership is growing and we continue to be impressed with the quality of the opportunities we are able to find,” said Rich Kramarik, President of the Capital Forum.