SDN Global, a provider of satellite communications services, is expanding its product lines to offer disaster related products.

The product suite called GenSat is designed to provide access during natural disasters.

“With the probability of a major hurricane making landfall along the U.S. coastline at over 70 percent compared with the last-century average of 52 percent, municipalities and companies need, more than ever, to be prepared with their contingency and continuity planning,” said Phil Arcoria, a senior vice president with SDN Global. “We have found that communications was not only interrupted during last year’s outages, but power supplied to the effected area was as well. Just having the communications system is not enough. Getting it to run in a disaster environment is of critical and paramount importance. This is why we developed this system.”

According to Acoria, the system will “provide perfect protection from the perfect storm.”

The product package includes power and the capability of handling up to 200 simultaneous phone calls as well as providing Internet and video services.