TapRoot Systems, a provider of embedded software solutions for use in so-called smartphones, is seeking to exploit opportunities in the mobile WiMAX market.

On Thursday, TapRott announced a partnership with Beecem Communications, which is a developer of chipsets for use in mobile WiMAX devices. The two companies will work to support Windows Mobile 6.0 applications.

Mobile WiMAX is an emerging technology design to exploit the growing availability of WiMAX wireless broadband networks.

“We continue to position ourselves well in the smartphone space by offering tangible products across current and emerging markets like Mobile WiMAX,” said Justin Helmig, director of product ,anagement at TapRoot Systems. “Beceem’s leadership in bringing WiMAX chipsets to market combined with our expertise in the [wireless local area network] and telephony space provides for a powerful combination in supporting the mobile WiMAX market.”

TapRoot Systems cited research from Rethink research as a reason for moving into the mobile WiMAX space. According to Rethink, WiMAX spending will increase to $7.36 billion by 2009, up from $655 million this year.