KORE Telematics, a nationwide provider in the growing machine-to-machine technology market, has certified six cellular communications modules from Telit Wireless Solutions.

Telit is part of Europe-based Telit Communications. AT&T certified Telit products last month.

By using Telit modules and the KORE network, companies can deploy such services as automatic meter reading, asset tracking, fleet management, plus security and surveillance.

KORE works with wireless network providers to off nationwide coverage over 47,000 cell sites in the U.S. and Canada. It also offers machine-to-machine and other services in more than 140 countries.

“Telit’s modules passed our stringent testing process and have proven to be state-of-the-art products, coupled with outstanding local market technical support that met all of our requirements,” said Alex Brisbourne, KORE’s president. “Telit is well known across the industry for their innovative and form-friendly designs that allow their customers the flexibility and tailoring that they crave.”