David Parkman, chief executive officer of eMusic, will deliver a keynote speech at the Red Hat Summit.

The conference is set for May 9-11 in San Diego.

Parkman will discuss digital rights management and open content formats.

Alan Dechert, CEO of the Open Voting Consortium, is also scheduled to speak. Also presenting will be Eben Moglen, chairman of the Software Freedom Law Center.

“The Red Hat Summit presents an opportunity for attendees to join together to share ideas and learn more about open source,” said Pakman. “The digital music market has so many exciting issues surrounding digital rights management and open formats that appeal to the open source audience. I am thrilled to be involved in this influential conference and look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders about open source and digital music issues.”

eMusic is the world’s largest retailer of independent music and the second largest digital music service after Apple’s iTunes.