SAS on Tuesday launched its JMP 7 statistical discovery software, providing dynamic graphical capabilities, the ability to manage virtually unlimited volumes of data and seamless integration with powerful SAS Analytics, the company said.

Traditionally used by scientists and engineers, JMP 7 now appeals equally to business users because they can replace static charts with motion-enabled, interactive plots that uncover hidden trends and predict the future, SAS said in its announcement. Graphical data querying, an enhanced script editor and project collaboration tools make data discovery more accessible throughout the organization.

JMP 7 integrates completely with SAS to offer a unique, graphical environment for exploring huge amounts of SAS data and developing SAS code on the desktop.

"JMP 7 brings your data to you in a way that is close, personal and allows direct data manipulation," John Sall, executive vice president and co-founder of SAS and leading architect of JMP, said in a statement. "Everything in JMP is active on the surface. Changes happen instantly."

Corporate and academic licenses are available for JMP 7 by annual subscription. Single-user licenses, as well as short-term academic licenses for qualified students and faculty, are also available.