Lenovo’s slashing of its workforce by more than 20 percent in Morrisville and 5 percent company wide did not include reductions in China, a company executive said Thursday night.

In a conference call with media in China where most of Lenovo’s workers are based, Lenovo Senior Vice President Chen Shaopeng said profits made by the China group meant no cuts in those operations.

He also said software testing would now be done in China.

On Thursday, a Lenovo spokesperson said software testing positions were among the jobs being eliminated in Morrisville. Cuts also include supply chain positions at Morrisville.

"The move will eliminate redundancies we have created," Chen was quoted as saying by Chinese media.

"We can be more efficient with fewer people and we can get more done more quickly," he added.

Chen also noted that senior management was spared by the layoffs, which are the second round announced over the past year. Lenovo cut 1,000 jobs last year.

"We understand that it’s hard," Chen said. "But we are very close to the turning point in the company’s performance."

Chen picked up on a similar phrase used by Chief Executive Officer William Amelio, who in a statement said Lenovo was near the “tipping point” in making Lenovo more competitive.