Authors and artists publishing their own works through Lulu in Raleigh will soon have the option of adding images and visual art from world famous Getty Images to their works.

Lulu, which was launched in 2005 by Red Hat co-founder Bob Young, works with writers, musicians and artists to publish works on demand and to set their own fees as well as royalties.

Under the agreement with Getty Images, Lulu customers can gain access to portions of the Getty Images library. The images will be available on a per-image, per use basis. Each time a published work is sold, a usage fee will be automatically included in the selling price and collected from the buyer.

"Creators of all sorts, from companies, to authors, to hobbyists, to non- profits have been looking for higher quality images to incorporate into their creations whether these are technical manuals, novels, photo books or calendars," Young said. "Our partnership with Getty Images will empower Lulu creators to not only have access to this content, but to use it to make their creations more marketable."

To prevent abuse of images, Lulu has developed a proprietary publishing system that includes the image in a to-be-published work just before production.

Artists and authors can pick from various product offerings such as cover galleries as well as typesetting for placement of images in books and calendars.

Lulu has published more than 200,000 titles, with artists and writers from more than 80 countries generating some 5,000 new works per week.