Hosted Solutions, a provider of data center and managed services, will use networking gear from Overture Networks to link its operations in Raleigh and Charlotte.

Hosted Solutions is based in Raleigh.

Overture Networks will provide Hosted Solutions with its ISG 500 equipment to support high-speed Ethernet and flexible bandwidth services.

“Due to increased customer demand for replication and disaster recovery solutions, Hosted Solutions has made significant upgrades in network capacity between data centers,” said Rich Lee, Hosted Solutions’ chief executive officer. “By partnering with Overture Networks and deploying its ISG 5000 appliances, we now have the flexibility to provide clients with a secure, reliable, Ethernet-type topology to transport mission critical data over our high capacity SONET [fiber] connections.”

Hosted Solutions also plans to sell clients connections at 1, 10, 20 and more megabit speeds between the data centers, Lee told WRAL Local Tech Wire.

“We can carve up any type of Ethernet connection we want and guarantee service quality between data centers,” he said.