If you were unable to attend “A CEO Conversation,” the day-long program focused on emerging trends in technology put on by the North Carolina Technology Association on Wednesday, the NCTA is making key moments available online.

Four presentations from the “What’s Next?” conference are available for audio replay over the Net.

Speakers include Jeffrey Eisenberg, author and chief executive officer of Future Now, Tekelec Chief Executive officer Frank Plastina, and TV news host Rita Cosby.

Also available is a panel discussion that included Barry Landis, former president of Warner Music Group Label Word Records; Don Perry, business advisor and Entertainment Industry Consultant at Greenburg Traurig; Rick Christian, of Alive Communications; Jodie McAfee, senior vice president of corporate development and marketing for The Media Group; and Dave Jaworski, co-founder and CEO of PassAlong Networks.

“Content is king and distribution is King Kong,” Jaworski said in the panel discussion. “Leadership must symbiotically evolve with these changes to stay competitive.”

On June 7, NCTA will host a forum focused on security, intellectual property protection, and other security related issues in Cary.