The role of leadership in business is unquestionable. It is simple and straightforward that great leaders create great businesses. The unparalleled rate of change in our evolving knowledge-based economy has placed a new and essential emphasis on leadership.

The leaders of today and tomorrow are visionaries. They are both learners and teachers. Not only do they foresee paradigm changes in society, but they also have a strong sense of ethics and vocation to build integrity in their organizations. NCTA membership is comprised of top-tier leaders throughout the state who share in this philosophy. NCTA takes pride in focusing on the intersection of leadership and technology, and the role it plays in our current business environment. It is this principled mission that highlights NCTA throughout North Carolina and nationwide.

On Wednesday, April 11, we will host our premier event – A CEO Conversation. We will collaborate and discuss the critical importance of how leadership must symbiotically evolve with technology. Our daily lives have changed thanks to technological advances in society. But, without creative and concrete leadership to move forward, where are we going to be and will we be competitive as a state and a nation? This is a must-attend event for all leaders as we discuss “What’s Next?”

We will have a full day of keynote presentations, panels, and, of course, the opportunity for you to engage informally in other areas of business at the highest level. This is a valuable opportunity for you to network with other top global leaders. It will be a fascinating day and each year we come together at A CEO Conversation to develop new relationships and to learn from each other. Participants will explore business trends in technology, examine local, national and global market possibilities, gather business intelligence and information, and meet global decision-makers who can provide market opportunities for your business to grow and prosper.

NCTA is defined by leaders who challenge the status quo. Leaders shape ideas instead of responding to them and have a personal orientation toward goals. Leaders also provide a vision that alters the way people think about what is desirable, possible, and necessary.

The opportunity to network with other like-minded visionaries is in our backyard. Great leaders create great businesses, and great businesses create a stronger North Carolina. Join us on Wednesday, April 11, for NCTA’s A CEO Conversation.