Lenovo, the world’s third-ranking PC manufacturer, is setting up a separate business unit focused on the consumer sector, Chinese media reported Tuesday.

Kristi Fair, a spokesperson for Lenovo, confirmed to WRAL Local Tech Wire that the unit would be formed.

The Shanghai Securities News, which is based in Beijing and covers companies that are publicly traded in China, said that the new division would focus on PCs and laptops for consumers.

Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s chairman, will lead the group, Fair confirmed..

Sinna.com, an online media company focused on China news and information, also reported the Lenovo move and that Yuanqing would be involved.

Sina.com cited “internal” e-mails from Lenovo Chief Executive Officer William Amelio as its source for the report.

Amelio has said that increasing sales to consumers was a major goal for Lenovo in 2007.

Lenovo’s headquarters is on a new campus in Morrisville, but its stock is traded on the Honk Kong exchange.