GREENSBORO, N.C. – Provagen, the first company to be spun off from biotech research at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, is now looking for a chief executive officer.

The company’s focus is on a protein called Protein V. It can be used in medical research, treatments and in diagnostic tests, according to A&T.

Research that led to the firm’s launch was conducted in A&T’s School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. A&T said it planned to retain equity in the firm as well as royalty rights.

In addition to hiring a CEO, the firm is seeking funding.

Protein V forms “strong chemical bonds to antibodies” and makes it possible to extract them from blood serum, according to the school. The antibodies could be used to treat as well as diagnose disease.

The protein was discovered by John Allen, a molecular biologist at A&T.

"We are very pleased that something that we have been working on for so long might have a useful application in what has become the multi-billion dollar market for antibody binding proteins," Allen said in a statement.

The company is expected to be located in Greensboro at the Gateway University Research Park North Campus.

In addition to A&T’s office of Outreach and Technology Transfer, other organizations involved in the launch of the business include the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, N.C. Small Business and Technology Development Center and the HiTEC Program at N.C. State, which focuses on technology transfer efforts.