SAVANNAH, Ga. – The City of Savannah is teaming with Tropos Networks to deploy a metro-wide wireless fidelity network, but it’s is not for “hot spots” or community broadband service like so many other city networks.

Instead, Savannah plans to use the network for surveillance as well as public safety, linking it to cameras placed in police, other vehicles and municipal facilities.
The city wanted the network in place before St. Patrick’s Day weekend and announced its completion on Thursday.

“We are pleased that our surveillance and security system is now in place and will provide full coverage for the parade in the Riverfront and Market Street areas to give our police ‘eyes in the sky’ and provide greater security for the nearly three quarters of a million people that will be here for the St. Patrick weekend,” said Brad Goodman, network manager for the city of Savannah.

“Public safety is the first of many applications for the city,” he added. “Our goal is to be a completely connected City, with wireless connectivity citywide so that all of our workers can do in the field what they can do at their desks. This will enable greater worker productivity and efficiencies and, as a result, the customer satisfaction of our community.”

After reviewing various bids and field testing from wireless equipment suppliers and integrators, the City chose NetMethods and Tropos Networks.

The systems integrator handling the project is NetMethods.