GREENVILLE, S.C. – Twelve companies from across the Carolinas and Georgia have been selected to present at the InnoVenture 2007 conference.

The fourth annual event is set for March 27-28 in Greenville.

The presenters include:

• InsituTec (Charlotte, N.C.): Specializes in high-value measurement tools for nanoscale and microscale markets.

• A-Metrics (Charlotte, N.C.): Using A-Metrics technology, exceptionally high levels of sensitivity of measurement are possible over a relatively large measurement range. One significant application is the field of sensors where exceptionally high sensitivity is desired over a large measurement range, according to the company.

• CIVISonline, Inc. (Charleston, S.C.): A software and services company, it is being formed to exploit technology developed for the BBC for sale to the global media market. Its primary focus is to provide tools and technology to support the rapidly emerging changes in the new social networking and “citizen journalism” market space.

• LiveCargo, Inc. (Greensboro, N.C.): The firm provides a technology platform for use by consumers and businesses that enables secure access and management of electronic files. It has filed five patents and an exclusive license for encryption technology.

• Sensory Analytics, LLC (Greensboro, N.C.): The company focuses on development of portable and automated coating thickness and color measurement systems for manufacturers.

• Selah Technologies (Greenville, S.C.): A nano-materials manufacturing company with patent-pending platform technologies, Selah will sell materials to industrial channel partners under exclusive contracts for specific market segments.

• CreatiVasc Medical (Greenville, S.C.): Founded in 2004, the company’s mission is to create an ongoing stream of innovative, proprietary, and easily utilized vascular technologies that significantly improve the quality of life for patients on kidney dialysis. CreatiVasc currently plans three products.

• PromoPipeline (Greenville, S.C.): The firm has developed vertical search technology that warehouses promotions, product information, newsletters, and channel program communication like a focused mini-Google. According to the company, its search engine application is driven by a new way of communicating through tiered distribution channels, not by a proprietary algorithm.

• BoroScience (Columbia, S.C.): The company has developed several proprietary synthesis routes for the preparation of high quality ammonia borane, supplying leading worldwide research and development laboratories with ammonia-borane as a solid source of hydrogen for fuel cells for their R&D efforts for portable power.

• The Mariner Group, LLC (Columbia, S.C.): A software company, it is focused on providing its customers with all levels of actionable situation awareness that let organizations and their personnel function in a timely, effective manner, even when facing very complex and challenging tasks.

• Ivox, Inc. (Alpharetta, Ga.): A pioneer and market leader for predictive underwriting, Ivox uses DriverScore as a basis for decision making similar to Fair Isaac Corporation (“FICO”), which is the market leader in credit scoring using its FICO credit scores. The company has one of the largest GPS/GIS risk management databases in the United States.

• Spinal Cord / Nerve Regeneration Technologies (Clemson, S.C.): The company plans to discuss developments relevant to the neural stimulation market.