DURHAM, N.C. – Motricity will work with Vantrix, a Canadian company, to help its clients produce multimedia content for use on almost any wireless handset, the firms said Thursday.

Motricity, a developer and provider of content for wireless devices, said it would partner with Vantrix to deliver additional service offerings to content developers. Vantrix offers a product known as SPOTxde Server that adapts ringtones and wallpapers for use on handsets.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Motricity, which earlier this week disclosed a $50 million investment from billionaire Carl Icahn, will use the Vantrix platform as part of its device compatibility service.

“We are delighted with our choice in Vantrix, an industry-proven partner, because we feel this is a significant extension of our managed service offerings to content developers,” said Chris Matherly, director of content operations, for Motricity. “It enables developers to focus on creating compelling content instead of having to worry about device compatibility because we do all of the handset profiling and testing with Vantrix’s platform.”

The Vantrix platform will enable Motricity to create automated workflow processes to adapt media for the constantly changing number of handset devices and models.

“This partnership also gives carriers the ability to get new media to market faster and create higher revenues while increasing the quality of their content,” Matherly added.

Vantrix already supports more than 35,000 combinations of video, images, audio and text delivered in a variety of different ways.