RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – If you have been a successful entrepreneur in the past and are looking for a new opportunity, someone may soon be knocking at your door.

The partners at Southern Capitol Ventures are looking for a few good entrepreneurs to launch some good, new companies.

“We are trying to encourage great entrepreneurs to start companies,” said Jason Caplain of Southern Capitol at the quarterly PricewaterhouseCoopers venture capital breakfast on Thursday. “There are lots of great ones on the sidelines, and we want to do what it takes to get them engaged.”

“Deal flow” is at the heart of successful venture funds. In other words, business plans and/or ideas that are referred to potential investors – or the VCs discover themselves in trolling at networking events and conferences.

While the deal flow is generally acknowledged as being good by many VCs around the Triangle, the Southern Capitol crew is wanting to step up the pace. The Raleigh-based firm also has $15 million in a new fund that it’s ready to invest in the right entrepreneur – and right idea.

Garheng Kong of Intersouth Partners told the crowd that the hunting environment for entrepreneurs is a good one. “There are more entrepreneurs around,” he said.

However, they are often different than in the past. “Overall, they seem to be more willing to push the bar farther themselves,” Kong said. In other words, if they start a new venture they are more apt to put in more of their own money rather than seek investors and thus dilute their holdings.

But if you are an entrepreneur looking for a startup, be sure to check your e-mail, voice mail – or be prepared for a tap on the shoulder at the next networking event you attend.