ATLANTA – Research In Motion will launch what it calls the “thinnest” BlackBerry handset to date along with AT&T.

The mobile voice and data device will go on sale Feb. 21.

Among its features is a push-to-talk capability.

Despite being thinner, the BlackBerry 8800 incorporates a full keyboard for text messages and other data uses. It also features built-in global positioning system technology, a multimedia player and a slot for additional memory to store music and videos.

Utilizing AT&T’s global network, the BlackBerry can make phone calls in more than 200 countries and be used to access e-mail and other data applications in more than 120 countries.

"The BlackBerry 8800 represents the most innovative design to date for a full keyboard BlackBerry handset," said Jeff Bradley, vice president of wireless business data services for AT&T. "It is thin and stylish, and in addition to providing access to work and personal email it offers new features for increased productivity, without compromising the power and functionality that make BlackBerry an outstanding wireless communications tool for our customers."

For example, the new device can be used to switch a push-to-talk call to a regular wireless call. It also can be use for group calling and voice-activated dialing.

With a two-year contract, the BlackBerry will be priced at $299.99 after rebates.