DURHAM, N.C. – “Top Design,” a new program on the Bravo network, will feature a series of viewer interaction services with Durham-based Motricity providing the infrastructure.

Top Design, featuring designer Todd Oldham, premiers on Jan. 31. Beginning Feb. 7, the program will allow viewers to submit votes and send text messages. Motricity will support the offerings through its EMConnect program.

Viewers will have the opportunity to vote about what show participants are voted off the show or allowed to return. Viewers will submit votes at the midpoint of each program, and results will be aired live later in the show.

Viewers can also receive text messages from participants in the show.

Motricity also works with Bravo on several other shows, including the popular “Top Chefs” program.

“The interactivity which Motricity enables us to offer is a key factor in attracting new viewers, and maintaining a loyal base of fans,” said Lisa Hsia, senior vice president of New Media for Bravo.

“A major reason we continue to partner with Motricity is the continued dedication and excellence exhibited on shows like Runway and Chef,” she added. “During an airing of ‘Top Chef,’ we prompted viewers to respond at 7:43 p.m. – at 7:53 we aired the responses live. The rapid, accurate execution is exactly what we are looking for.”