Alltel’s new “Celltop” technology, which is designed to help wireless phone users organize information, is being delivered by Motricity.

Alltel picked Motricty to manage the software and delivery of content through Motricity’s “Fuel 5” content delivery platform.

Celltop enables users to sort content into 10 different cells. The software is either preloaded onto phones or can be downloaded. The category-specific topics include graphics and texts and provide shortcuts to content ranging from games to news and ringtones. Celltop is seeking to patent the technology.

Financial terms of the Motricity deal were not disclosed. Motricity works with many of the world’s top wireless phone service providers as well as content providers.

Motrictiy’s technology enables wireless users to access content regardless of provider and device type.

“Wireless carriers have been trying to solve the content discovery and navigation problem for years, and we are proud to be the first wireless carrier to deliver a technology that provides a solution,” said Scott Moody, director of data services for Alltel Wireless. “With its modular cells and easy navigation, Celltop will change how our customers discover content and connect to information.”