Comtrol Corp., a provider of technology that delivers robust, high-speed communications between sensors and a central processor, has signed on to sponsor the Insight Racing team again.

Insight, which includes team members from North Carolina State University and other volunteers, plans to compete in the 2007 DARPA Grand Challenge event for autonomously controlled vehicles. The team recently received a sports car from Lotus Cars USA to use in the competition that is sponsored by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Comtrol sponsored Insight in the 132-mile desert race in 2005. Insight was a finalist.

The 2007 event, which is set for November, will feature vehicles placed in an urban environment. The vehicles must be able to navigate – and fight – over a 60-mile test course without remote control.

Recently, the Pentagon announced that it would offer prize money to the top three finishers. That decision reversed an earlier one in which DARPA said it lacked authority to award prize money.

The winning team will receive $2 million. The second-place finisher gets $1 million. Third place is worth $500,000.

Comtrol’s lead product is known as DeviceMaster.