Ryan Allis, the 22-year-old chief executive officer of e-mail technology firm Broadwick, will soon go national with his success story in print.

McGraw-Hill has signed a contract with Allis to publish his book “Zero to One Million: How To Build a Company to $1 Million in Sales.” Allis self-published the book in 2003.

McGraw-Hill plans to publish its edition this fall.

The book describes how Allis and partner, Aaron Houghton, built Broadwick into a company that now generates more than $4 million in sales annually, has 40 employees and has won more than 8,000 customers. Its lead product is called "Intellicontact."

It also includes interviews with other entrepreneurs such as Jud Bowman, one of the founders of Motricity, and Christy Shafer, CEO of Inspire Pharmaceuticals.

“His story is very inspirational, and his dynamic message of how to achieve success is one that will really help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams,” said Donya Dickerson, editor on the project from McGraw-Hill.