Doug Dyer, a longtime veteran in the gaming and entertainment industry, is the new chief executive officer at Oasys Mobile.

Oasys creates and provides content such as games and ring tones for mobile phone service providers.

Dyer replaces Gary Ban, who resigned in October.

In November, Oasys (OTCBB: OYSM) announced a quarterly loss topping $5 million and cut its workforce of full-time and contract employees to 50 from 70. Oasys stock closed Thursday at 35 cents, up 4 cents. Its 52-week high is $3.90.

"Doug is extremely well qualified to lead the company through our next phase of growth, as we re-focus our efforts on the core strengths that originally established Oasys Mobile as a leader in the mobile entertainment market,” said Bernard Stolar, the lead director of Oasys’ board who has been running the company. “With his success in both the console video game and wireless gaming arenas, Doug has the track record and the drive to keep the company focused on creating and selling top-selling games and services through our partners and our consumer portal,”

Dyer’s most recent position was CEO of ROK Entertainment Group, which utilizes patented encoding for delivery of video and rich media to mobile devices. Earlier, he was vice president of wireless entertainment for Warner Bros. He also was an executive with THQ Wireless, a mobile gaming firm.

In the gaming industry, Dyer worked for console title developers GT Interactive and Infogrames/Atari. He also was one of the early team members in Microsoft’s games division.