Researchers at IBM and two other companies have developed a replacement for “Flash” memory that they say will provide ample, fast storage for portable devices.

“It uses less than half the power of Flash memory and can be built in ultra-thin form factors most likely unavailable to Flash,” TechWorld in the United Kingdom reported Monday. “In short, a Flash-killer and potentially the answer for a universal memory type for mobile devices.”

Flash memory can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. It is used in memory cards.

Working with IBM are Qimonda and Macronix, a Flash memory company.

The device utilizes a new semiconductor alloy made of germanium-antimony. It is to be demonstrated at a conference for engineers in San Francisco this week.

“Many expect flash memory to encounter significant scaling limitations in the near future,” T.C. Chen, an IBM Research vice president, said. “Today we unveil a new phase-change memory material that has high performance even in an extremely small volume.”

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