DURHAM, N.C. — Motricity is rolling out a new billing system for use by mobile content providers who sell products “off-deck”, or through a site separate from a service provider portal..

By being sold off-deck, content is transmitted over wireless networks but avoids control controls implemented by carriers through web portals they operate. The carriers still receive a percentage of revenues from sales.

Motricity, a developer and provider of mobile content and solutions, offers customers the service to enable content developers to concentrate on product creation while it works with the telephone service providers on complex issues such as billing.

The Motricity system also offers providers more information about end users. Customers can check the status of premium services, improve estimates of revenues, measure response rates and determine customer acquisition costs, according to Motricity.

“As content sales for many off-deck customers rapidly increase, the need to manage complex billing models has become apparent,” said Steve Leonard, general manager of Motricity Off-Deck. “Billing reconciliation is a major issue that we have been working with customers on to find the right and most beneficial solution. Our approach has been to simply provide the most accurate information, as quickly as possible.”

Motricity: www.motricity.com