Bank Technology News’ annual awards list for “Innovators” in the banking business includes several winners from the Carolinas and Georgia.

First place went to Bank of America’s security team.

“Time and time again, banks have been warned that when it comes to securing the enterprise, regulators and other government agents are watching to make sure the job gets done correctly,” Bank Technology News said. “Bank of America, though, has gone straight to the source, recruiting a group of former government insiders to give it the best security guidance possible for its complex business.”

Digital Resolve, which is based in Atlanta, was cited for its anti-fraud tool to detect “phishing.”

SecureWorks of Atlanta was cited for its managed security offering.

Gerald Enos, head of operations for technology and eCommerce at Wachovia, was cited for his role in Wachovia’s $25.5 billion acquisition of Golden West.

Bank of America was also cited for its acquisition of HealthLogic, a deal that moves it into the healthcare financial services market.

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