LADSON, S.C. — Force Protection, a builder of high-tech vehicles for the U.S. military that are designed to protect soldiers from land mines and other explosive devices, will work with General Dynamics to build more of the vehicles.

General Dynamics Land Systems will act as a sub-contractor to Force Protection and provide structure fabrication for the “Cougar” vehicles. The production will take place at the General Dynamics plant in Lima, Ohio.

Contract terms were not disclosed.

Force Protection has built more than 300 vehicles for the U.S. military since 2003. The first Cougars were used by U.S. Marines in Iraq in 2004. To date, no U.S. personnel using a Cougar have been killed, according to the company.

“Warfare has changed, and the equipment needed by our troops to stay protected in the face of emerging threats must change with it,” said Force Protection Chief Executive Officer Gordon McGilton. “The blast protection technology incorporated in the Cougar is the best available in the world today. Force Protection is delighted to partner with an organization of the caliber, depth and experience of General Dynamics to ensure the production capacity necessary to get this vehicle to the field in the numbers needed.”

Force Protection: