RALEIGH, N.C. — Inlet Technologies, a developer of solutions for compression and other digital media solutions, is launching a new delivery product.

Called Spinnaker, it is designed for live transmission of content utilizing Internet Protocol television, web streaming, broadband TV and other formats.

Inlet unveiled Spinnaker at a TV conference and expo in Texas.

“We developed Spinnaker to help service providers reach a broader audience through IP network infrastructures, and thus increase their revenue opportunities,” said Inlet Chief Executive Officer Neal Page. “Unlike other encoders on the market, Spinnaker is optimized for content delivery to both TVs and PCs, and is compatible with IPTV middleware, set top box devices and traditional streaming architecture. With this versatility, Spinnaker offers broader distribution, for access to a greater numbers of subscribers — all for a very low cost of ownership.”

(Capitol Broadcasting is an investor in Inlet.)

Inlet: www.inlethd.com