Biofisica, a startup focused on high-tech wound care, is ready to go to market with $5 million in the bank.

The Atlanta-based firm, which was launched in 2000, has closed on first-round funding from Unilever Technology Ventures.

Biofisica, which was launched in 2000, is preparing to enter the United Kingdom healthcare market with its first product, having received regulatory approval to sell it in Europe in October.

Its first product is called “POSiFECT RD”. It utilizes what the firm calls “bio-electric stimulation therapy.” Biofisica plans to seek U.S. approval to sell the product as well.

Biofisica describes its wound treatment technology as “first of its kind.” POSiFECT combines moist wound-care dressing and electrical stimulation in a sterile, disposable dressing. According to the company, the dressing combination accelerates healing in difficult-to-heal or non-healing chronic wounds.

“We are very pleased with the solid support from our financial partners as we move forward in the commercialization of this important product in the field of wound care management,” said Rafael Andino, Biofisica’s chief executive officer. “This funding will help sustain our momentum as we build customer relationships and establish future distribution channels.”

Biofisica estimates the global chronic wound treatment market to be $12 billion a year.

“We are very pleased to lead this round of investment for Biofisica, a company with an innovative technology platform that provides a potential solution to a growing market need,” said Min Berbon of Unilever Technology Ventures, which is based in San Francisco.

“Biofisica’s products are backed by strong intellectual property and solid clinical evidence for efficacy in healing wounds that did not respond to any other treatment,” he added. “This round of investment will enable the company to achieve key milestones of a successful product launch in UK and the initiation of its U.S. regulatory process.”

Biofisica’s headquarters are in Atlanta. It also has an office in the U.K.