6TH Sense Analytics

Primary product/focus: 6th Sense Analytics/automated data capture and aggregation of software development metrics.

Members of management team and titles: Greg Burnell, CEO; Todd Olson, CTO; John M. Sherbin II, CFO

Founders of firm: Greg Burnell, CEO and Todd Olson, CTO

Before co-founding 6th Sense Analytics, Burnell was worldwide vice president of sales with Worksoft, a functional testing company based in Dallas, TX. He previously was chief operating officer at TeamShare, a workflow automation software company, and initiated the acquisition of TeamShare by Serena Software in 2003. Before that post, Burnell was the vice president of North American field operations at TogetherSoft.

Olson’s vision for a solution to deliver meaningful and timely information to developers and management led him to co-found 6th Sense. He was chief scientist of the Together business unit at Borland Software after TogetherSoft was acquired in 2002. Prior to the acquisition, Olson was vice president of product development with responsibility for architecting and developing the Together product line. Prior to joining TogetherSoft, Olson was co-founder and chief technology officer of Cerebellum Software, an Internet data integration company that developed solutions to integrate enterprise portal e-business applications and e-commerce projects with corporate data. Olson is the original inventor and creator of the patent-pending Cerebellum data integration product.

Year founded: 2004

Company address: One Copley Parkway, Suite 560, Morrisville, NC 27560

Website: www.6thsenseanalytics.com