It is the end of the quarter, and the company’s financial systems screech to a halt after a hard drive on the primary server fails – preventing accounting from closing the books on time. Next thing you know, the CFO is in your doorway with a baseball bat in his hands.

Your printer just stopped working right as you begin to print a huge presentation — and there’s no time to send the files to Kinko’s.

You are on the road so that you can meet with your biggest customer tomorrow. You try to work remotely form your hotel room so you can pull down the latest data and information for them – only to find out that your remote access into your company’s network and email is no longer working!

It takes you weeks to get your best prospect to return your call. Now that you have him on the line, your company’s brand new Voice over IP phone service is not working that well – and each of you is hearing every other word that the other person utters. Frustrated, the prospect hangs up and you are unable to ever get him on the phone again!

Every day, companies experience IT disasters such as these. But, we want to hear your true story of IT disaster.

All too often, businesses tolerate these catastrophes, believing that they are just a part of doing business in a technology-dependent world. However, more and more companies are realizing that these technology nightmares aren’t acceptable. So they are entrusting their computers and networks to IT solution providers who monitor and protect their IT environment 24x7x365, significantly reducing the risks and occurrence of IT disasters. If you believe your company could benefit from services such as these, and you want to put an end to IT nightmares, this is the contest for you.

Tell us your tale of IT disaster in 200 words or more. Four brave souls that submit the winning stories will receive a $50 Best Buy gift card, and the grand prize winner will receive a $50 Best Buy card plus their company will be entitled to three months free service from TotalCare IT Solutions (

Winning stories will be published on Local Tech Wire, and names will be changed to protect the innocent, or rather, protect the guilty.


  • Stories must be at least 200 words in length
  • Companies must still be in existence
  • You must still be an employee of the company whose tale you are nominating
  • Winning company must be located in North Carolina

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