MORRISVILLE, N.C. — eWEEK Labs, which rates hundreds of software tools, has named SlickEdit’s flagship product SlickEdit v11 as one of its “Must-Have Tools”.

SlickEdit, a code editor, was cited for its ability to edit files up to two gigabits in size across various platforms as well as its support for other programming languages and tasks.

eWEEK Labs is part of the widely read eWeek technology magazine.

“Being named a must-have tool by eWEEK is as good a compliment as you can get,” said Clark Maurer, SlickEdit’s chief technology officer. “eWEEK is a highly respected source of information both on and offline for high-tech news and reviews. To be chosen by their lab analysts as a tool they can’t live without is quite an honor.”

For the complete list of “Must Have Tools”, see:,1206,l=&s=&a=189161,00.asp