MATTHEWS, N.C. — CEM Corporation, a developer of microwave laboratory instrumentation technology, will work with the Environmental Protection Agency to pursue alternatives to conventional solvents.

The goal is to develop more environmentally friendly, or green chemistry, solvents by utilizing microwave technology. In turn, the solvents could be used in pharmaceutical, final chemical and nanomaterial development.

CEM will contribute time from its scientists to apply existing or developing technology to create protocols for EPA-developed chemical processes. EPA will provide time of scientists and needed laboratory analysis.

“Microwave energy is a highly-effective green chemistry technology,” said Michael Collins, chief executive officer of CEM. “It is clean, fast, efficient, and applicable to numerous types of chemistries. We are looking forward to working with the EPA to expand the present scale range of microwave-assisted reactions and developing ‘greener,’ or more environmentally-friendly, methods for those reactions.”