MORRISVILLE, N.C. — 6th Sense Analytics is rolling out a new version of its solution that tracks software development projects and automatic aggregates project data.

The software, 6th Sense Analytics 2.0, is designed to help clients keep better track of software development projects in order to help speed development as well as decrease the number of project failures.

6th Sense’s solution also gathers data automatically, thus further enabling collaboration across an enterprise. The new version adds maintenance data related to “bug” and defect tracking.

“The new functionality in the 6th Sense solution goes beyond just providing insight; it extends the way we look at development efforts, allowing teams to gain transparency into maintenance efforts and their impact on the software development process,” said Todd Olson, chief technology officer and co-founder of 6th Sense Analytics. “With this ability, managers have a way to increase their success in on-time delivery.”

6th Sense: