Online advertising firm Accipiter Solutions, Inc., has acquired BidClix, an online advertising networks. Based on a bid-for-placement model, BidClix enables advertisers to attract new customers by placing ads into highly targeted contextual channels, maximizing yield by selling advertising inventory to the highest bidder.

BidClix employees will join the Accipiter team in the roles of sales, business development and engineering. Accipiter will leverage BidClix’ Seattle-based office to expand its West Coast presence and will extend the network’s reach into global markets where Accipiter already has a solid presence.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Accipiter. After initially partnering with BidClix, it was clear that there was a great cultural fit as well as significant advantages in bringing both companies together and operating as a single entity. Accipiter has had significant demand from our customer and prospect base for the development of a self-service bid-for-placement system that they could leverage to gain more control over their advertiser relationships. Many of our customers are interested in preserving their brand and want to minimize the revenues that they are giving away to third parties,” explained Brian Handly, Accipiter CEO. “BidClix provides the bid-for-placement system that allows publishers this type of control while still offering backfill capabilities and relationships with thousands of advertisers that our customers can immediately leverage.”

One of the most important factors behind Accipiter’s acquisition of BidClix is the company’s ability to contribute to Accipiter’s vision to converge ad serving technology into a streamlined application, creating a unified ad platform. The popularity of alternative digital mediums such as photocasts, podcasts, RSS feeds, blog sites, streaming audio/video, and mobile ad platforms, is gaining incredible momentum. Running campaigns across multiple mediums and viewing the results within one interface is quickly becoming an essential component for next-generation ad servers. With the addition of the BidClix technology, Accipiter is positioned to create additional sources of revenue for customers to be able to repurpose creatives across multiple platforms.

Like Accipiter, BidClix is dedicated to continually meeting the needs of its customers with innovative, easy-to-use technology. The BidClix advertising marketplace complements Accipiter’s existing family of online advertising software and services. The BidClix team also has a strong reputation and solid track record in the industry, complementing Accipiter’s long history of online advertising expertise and leadership.

“We are very excited about joining forces with Accipiter, a company that has always had a clear focus on serving the needs of online publishers. With this acquisition, we can further empower those publishers to sell directly to a new market segment of advertisers,” said Paul Needham, BidClix president and co-founder. “Together we can advance the range of innovative technology and services we provide to our clients in ways that would not have been possible previously.”

The BidClix Advertising Marketplace is an online advertising network with over 4,915 registered publishers and 13,846 registered advertisers. BidClix serves approximately 1.1 billion advertisements per month, reaching an estimated 25 million individual consumers in the U.S. and international markets. Unlike pay-for-placement search engines (such as Overture, Google, and FindWhat) which sell keyword-targeted placements, BidClix facilitates site-specific targeting and broader content channel buys. This allows greater control for advertisers who can therefore know precisely where their ads are being displayed and who can then achieve much greater scale than is possible with narrow keyword-targeted campaigns. These text ads can be served into all types of standard ad units including banners, towers and pop-unders.

BidClix was launched in April 2001 by a team of seasoned online advertising executives. Today, BidClix is a profitable entity serving over 30 million ads per day and generating tens of thousands of leads for advertisers.