BELLEVUE,Provider of hosted VoIP services, AccessLine Communications, has launched a retail version of SmartVoice Service the company’s hosted VoIP service that delivers the
benefits of advanced business telephone service at a fraction of the cost.

Specifically designed and built for Small and Medium Businesses(SMBs), SmartVoice Service offers as much as 50 percent savings over traditionalbusiness phone service rates. Combining local, long distance, and toll free phone service with no need for the purchase of any phone equipment, AccessLine’s SmartVoice Service delivers savings while making it easy for customers to transition from their current legacy phone service.

“SmartVoice is exactly that – a smart way for businesses to avoid capital expenses when migrating to VoIP,” said Doug Johnson, CEO at AccessLine. “Most of the new Internet Protocol (IP) telephone services available today require businesses to throw out their current key system or PBX and invest in new equipment. The hosted approach of SmartVoice Service avoids these unnecessary costs and will immediately start saving businesses 30, 40, up to as much as 50 percent off their current legacy phone bills while allowing them to continue using their current equipment. Along with AccessLine’s award winning customer service and a dedicated connection that assures voice quality, SmartVoice is clearly a smart move for business communications.”