ATLANTA, GA. — BellSouth is dropping a $2.97 monthly charge billed to its high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) customers, the company said Friday.

The announcement came under pressure from the Federal Communications Commission, according to The Associated Press.

BellSouth “is immediately eliminating a fee assessed on its DSL Internet services,” the company said Friday. “As described on BellSouth’s website, the broadband fee was designed to recover a number of costs remaining from previous regulatory obligations and other network expenses that increase the cost of the Internet services we provide to consumers. Since the FCC eliminated the continuing applicability of many of these regulations, BellSouth has been able to provide a greater variety of Internet services to consumers, to which consumers have responded enthusiastically, and has signed over 300 contracts to provide independent Internet service providers with wholesale DSL services.”

The AP reported that BellSouth and Verizon were both being investigated for fees tacked on to DSL services. The charges were related to regulatory fees that the FCC is no longer charging, The AP said.

BellSouth has more than 3 million DSL customers.

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